Online Learning Program Code of Conduct:
Protocols for Parents and Students.

This is a vital agreement between the students, parents, and QBBE concerning the code of conduct and acceptable behavior during the Online Learning Program.

Before the start of the program:

Parent(s) should

  • Ensure that all emails, phone contacts, and addresses used for the registration are up to date. Contact the QBBE office if there are any changes and updates.
  • Ensure all student(s) academic documents are uploaded, including report cards.
  • Fill out Need Assessment forms which will be sent out by the QBBE administration.

Student(s) should

  • Activate your student portal account using your username and password.
  • Test all technology, including the Google classroom platform.

During the program:
Parent(s) should

  • Ensure regular attendance of their student(s) in all registered classes.
  • Ensure student(s) fulfill all assignments and readings before the next classes.
  • Contact the Education Program Coordinator (Sara) to report absences or for general inquiries.

Students should

  • Always RESPECT the teacher and coursemates.
  • Be PUNCTUAL for all classes, whether live video sessions with a teacher or pre-recorded sessions. Attendance will be recorded when you log in.
  • Email the teacher if you have any questions and could not ask during the class period.

Students should

  • Email the Education Program Coordinator (Sara); if a teacher is inaccessible or absent for a class, facing any technical difficulties, or has general inquiries.
  • Fulfill all assignments and reading requirements before the start of the next class.
  • If your computer has a webcam, ensure the CAMERA IS ON during live sessions.
  • Have GOOD LIGHTING systems such as being close to a window or using lamps. DO NOT have lighting behind you or have your back to the window; it will cause you to be a dark figure.
  • Check that your camera is positioned properly. Face the camera head-on and use books, stands, or other household items to adjust your angle, if necessary.

Students should

  • Speak clearly – You may use a snowball mic, headphones with a mic, etc., to have a clear sound. Keep the mic at an appropriate distance to avoid muffled or loud speech.
  • Use hand signals, raise your hands respectfully, or use the chat feature if you have questions. DO mute your mics if you are not asking or answering any question to prevent interruption of class.
  • DO NOT interrupt the class, spam the chat, or use vulgar language.

Withdrawal of student: QBBE retains the right to take any action deemed suitable if any child by his/her behavior disrupts the peace and safety of the team and other students. It is the responsibility of the QBBE to keep every student safe and well until the termination of the program.

Thank you for entrusting your child(ren) with us. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for a successful learning experience.

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